false fear reel.


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released February 21, 2016



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Track Name: on your feet
walking thru a scene from a dream
i see ur face on a tv screen
i begin to feel
so unreal
its been months since youve seen my face
everything in my life is a waste
all i can say
today is your day
todays the day
Track Name: feeling in the forest
put your ear to
the forest floor and hear your heart is enourmous
the weather is right and the scenery is gorgeous
come outside of
the noise and confusion blue skies are so soothing
nature wont judge you fresh air is renewing
love inside of my mind
i want to see the sun in the sky
Track Name: dancing is free
i want to see u on the dance floor
tonight me and u will dance with the lord
come and dance dance with me
come and dance dancing is free
i want to b urs and ur alone
its fun to be forward please dont say no
gonna find u gonna love u
Track Name: fleeting dead flower
the passage of winter
brings springs blossom
flowers grow and wither away
fleeting moments never destined to stay
deep inside im already dead
Track Name: freezing cold
here in the snow freezing cold
atomic snowman
titanic sink the iceberg
i want you to freeze with me
freeze me
deep in the snow you will find the code
atomic snowman radical snowman
titanic full speed ahead
i want to freeze you
titanic sunk the iceberg
Track Name: fleece blanket
all i want
all i need
Track Name: fiend for you
i want ur heart took a shot in the dark
u and me are only 2 worlds apart
i c ur face racing back and forth in my brain
im a friend4u girl u drive me insane
take a chance dance make my dreams come tru
even though i barely met u this was long overdue
i c u all alone its a saturday night
ur inside ur house
i want u i hope that u want me 2
living breathing ur all i need everything i can c it in ur eyes
no no please dont go
stay stay come back come back
i wanted to be wanted to be
your everything everything
i take it all back take it all back
pick up ur phone i dont wanna b all alone
Track Name: falling freely
falling falling 4 u im an animal locked in ur zoo

parachuting in heaven
how long until touchdown
how long until i hit the ground
falling down
how long until i come down
how long until i hit the ground