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released December 31, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: reflections
reflections over dreams are never what they seem a stream of time and place traces of your waste a glance of what has past fills me with frustration nothing ever lasts except for memories and pains take your time everything will fade with time
Track Name: medication
everyday is the same when you are away i would say just stay its too late medicate in my mind a place and a time look out dont hurt yourself watch out dont hurt yourself dont want to cry to say goodbye dying on the inside medication save me from my head
Track Name: alive again
outside of your hopes and dreams see reality again inside thee back of your mind see reality again ghosts in your head forced out and left for someone else living every day in hell living again no need to pretend intrigue within flowing with the wind if i step into the light im blind
Track Name: sunshine smile
the wind blows through your hair your cares are where you left them last the sky shares warmth and sunshine and were both wearing our masks i only want to see what makes you move into my sight everything is right when i see you smile the side of you i want to see she doesnt want me back even when you bring me down you still make an impact on the days we meet the time it seems to go by fast everything we want or need is right within our grasp i only want to see what makes you laugh
Track Name: continuous time lapse
missing your friends wishing again and with every moment comes time to show them approaching the stage with anger frustration the longer that you stay the more you want to say but you dont have the time to say it
Track Name: sweet
what to say it cant be said what to do it cant be done i ran the race but now im running out of time wonder why i lied sweet just like the disguised glances over mine i can see them in your eyes nothing to say nothing to do nowhere to go nothing but you this is my life
Track Name: together we can overcome any and all evils
fantasize different lives run and hide into mine and when i look around youre missing i guess ill really have to listen i feel ashamed but i just had to say close your eyes cause im not wasting time with you cutting ties so i can spend my life with you
Track Name: charlie come down
and i saw her walking so i decided to catch up to her but when i caught up to her she didnt recognize me at first i thought she didnt notice me but she didnt recognize my face i said hey dont you remember me its me charlie she just looked away so i said ok and i bought myself flowers because i adore myself and i put them on shelf right next to my bed theyre probably dead by now i havent watered them in weeks and time goes by it sure does fly days turrn to years they also turn to nights i wish i could fly far away i wish i could die just about every fucking day but im stuck here roll on over lay on your tummy and everything is alright