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released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: desertion
when you look my way things seem ok
youve been sad lately life is so strange
i cant stand waiting thats all i do these days
and your mind is enduring thoughts
thinking back on time youve lost
happiness at a dire cost
will never beat a love for all
if i cant think straight
will you help find my way
i cant think straight
everything you want was there the whole time
everything you need is in your mind
it once was mine and now its yours
i cant think straight
will you help me
find my way
Track Name: safe sands
feel safe
theres no way
will bring me pain
nothing i can see
nothing around me
shed complexities
lose your sense of me
on my own again
inside of my
things wont be this way forever
Track Name: birds
birds fly above in the sky
one by one they go by
in the sun they will glide
when theyre done they will die
any way not today
as the sun rises every day so will i in a shining way
i want to live on the beach from my dreams
i want to swim in the heat with my queen
things work in cycles
like crashing waves
no matter what you try
things will stay the same
Track Name: waiting
sitting there staring eyes
i see your face you cant see mine
anything isnt far behind
anything just to change your mind
im waiting
waiting with you
nothing to do
but you know what
hide your face
beware (all the faces are only masks)
beware (all is wasted. nothing lasts)
beware (all is late. when nothings fast)
beware (all the ways will lead to ash)
heaven is waiting
pleasure in pain
resting your eyes
tell me goodnight
Track Name: sand in your clothes
when you walk away
things arent the same
stuck with this pain
youre not to blame
and its there
and you will care
forever and ever
when you saw the rain
nobody came
stuck with this pain
youre not to blame
Track Name: twisted wrist
eternal bliss i twisted my wrist again
and i will be waiting
for you to see me waiting
if im not here waiting
will you be there waiting
for me youll see
i can never be late if im not awake
i can never be blamed if im away
Track Name: worse
my body hurts and i want to cry
i want to surf and i want to die
im such a jerk i dont know why
i must be cursed now im getting high
getting worse all the time
im not the first to stare at the sky
when nothing works with nothing on my mind
im not the worst unless i really try
and when i burst i hope its in your eyes
i want to live on the beach can you teach me
how to get in touch with the waves
sand in my toes seashells in my brain
feel like im gonna go insane
again and again bring all of your friends
we can pretend until the fun ends
Track Name: sinking
dont want you to be on my boat its sinking
i was thinking about you tonight
on my mind on my mind all of the time
feeling fine until my feelings start to unwind
ill stay inside until the time flies
ill run and hide until my lifes dry
dont want you to be on my boat goodbye
Track Name: dead again
am i dead again the nights keep dragging on
in my bed again all my friends are gone
and the fun doesnt stop until i want to go home
and the fun doesnt stop until im in a chokehold saying
am i dead again everything is wrong
bloods been shed again all my drugs are gone
dont know how to say all the things that i want to
ill go out of my way to make you know that i want you
dont know how to save all the things that i want to
wont go out and waste all the things that are from you
am i dead again i wake up feeling lost
in my head again am i dead
Track Name: stranded on the open sea
heaven in my head
stranded on the sea
no more pain
im finally free
wish that you were here
but its better that you stayed
no more thoughts
as im taken with the waves
nothings changed
no more walls
dont wait up
i wont call
Track Name: apollo's plague
step outside receive light
in our life we bleed why
in the sun he can see you
with his rays he can reach you too
apollos plague will erase the earth
ill still search for you
another night all alone
hes plagued my mind
hes plagued my soul
and there is nothing i can say
and there is nothing that can change
with knowledge youre wise
they say im blind
not enough time
to waste at night