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released January 5, 2017



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Track Name: the man with a wrench
the man with a wrench is killing again the man makes the shadows his friend cleansing the world of its sin debased mental state erasing everything thing that he hates twisted vision he will pay by my hate
Track Name: disorder in exile ft. john chang
forced out of your life caused by thoughts in mind filled with rage filled with hate no sense of direction lost in confusion caused by exclusion disorder in exile isolation disorder
Track Name: off white bed spread with yellowish stains
in my head i sleep in a bed sheets off white it feels just right off white bed spread with yellowish stains living by myself dying by myself drinking with my friends off white bed spread with yellowish stains
Track Name: peace corps
deprived of necessities guide dying refugees survive in this country bound inside third world hell their system is destined to fail lives taken slow
Track Name: the monkey on my back/ animal abuse
hard to quit bad habits the monkey on my back is under attack the more it calls my name the less i get my way but at least im trying animal abuse drinking profusely a lack of rules to help me tie the noose animal abuse beaten black and blue bending the truth and looking for excuses it wont end if i give in so im stuck with it animal abuse intruding in my life dont think twice